Where you should go in 2016?

Vacationing during the New Year can be a great way to celebrate family time and unwind in some refreshing activities at the place chosen by you for the 2015 holiday.

There’s no perfect time for holidays, the moment you feel to make the most of the time is appropriate to pack the bags to enjoy in nature’s lap, party hard, rejuvenate, have adventure fun, indulge in sports or leisure as per interest and the holiday budget.

There are plenty of escapades the world offers for less price with expedia Singapore coupons. Some key holidaying destinations of 2015 are:


The beautiful land of torrential rain and green pastures lives up to the cliché in best way. But what more is surprising for many people who visit the place is its supreme natural beauty which lets you rediscover yourself over again. The picturesque natural surroundings and pleasant weather top it all. Having some of the easy to go people of the universe, you may find yourself in the most enjoyable country of this time to visit.

Bosnia & Herzegovina 


One amongst the picturesque places on Earth is Bosnia & Herzegovina for truly off beaten path. Though, it’s still flying high yet beneath the radar- making 2015 as the perfect time to holiday there. The roughly beautiful retains of the land with lingering scars from the tragic civil war-1990s, makes it a preferable choice for visitors. Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH) is fondly remembered by travellers for great human warmth and amazing amalgamation of the Eastern-Western atmosphere, born due to the Austro-Hungarian and Ottomanhistories.
Patagonia, Chile


Among the first few naturalists and explorers describe Patagonia as untamable, wild, vast, exotic, remote and infinitely beautiful. On one side you can completely lose yourself in the serenity of the place while the wild nature offers bundle of activities in the flora’s backdrop like trekking, fly-fishing, cycling, kayaking, horseback riding, rafting and mountain climbing. Nothing can be more worthwhile than climbing W trek and treasure it as the trophy in the travel wall fame. Make sure you visit the place during off season for the most grounding experience as none may want to trail the tourists in the green wilderness.

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, Serbia

Aren’t you amazed to see the capital of Serbia make it to the list? Well actually we too are certainly. However, Belgrade is the largest city but in summers is the most underrated inEurope with minimal tourism there but much to offer the tourists to discover. The place is not the “pretty” capital but the audacious charm reflects through the gritty exuberance. Few sights to check out in Belgrade are the Military Museum, Sveti Sava, City Zoo, Skadarska, Palace of Princess Ljubica, National Museum, and Gallery of Frescoes, Kalemegdan Citadel, Ada Ciganlija and many others. Travel safe at conveniencewith the expedia discount coupons!


Tasmania, Australia


“Tassie” for the locals &Tasmania for all, was declared as the best city of 2014 & Australia as the best region to visit for 2015 by the Lonely Planet. Well Tassie gives you all the reasons to plan the 2015 holiday at reasonable cost with coupondekho.sg. Tasmania has had its share of publicity for good reasons like the fresh produce, best hiking trails, cleanest air, untouched wilderness, friendly locals and much more.