What to Do in Berlin

Berlin is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations around the world. The city has an abundance of attractions, a vibrant nightlife and interesting history. Visitors wondering what to do in Berlin will find that there is never a dull moment in this exciting German city. You can explore the remnants of the Berlin wall, cycle around the city stopping over different attractions or take a walk in the refreshing outdoors. We have taken the time and effort to sift through the main attractions in the city and present you with a list of options on what to do in Berlin during your vacation.

What to Do in Berlin

Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall is a significant landmark and represents the city’s history during the cold war period. As one of the best ideas on what to do in Berlin, this attraction has proven quite popular over the years. Tourists can walk along the remaining section of the wall taking in the graffiti on the East Side Gallery. At Check Point Charlie, a crossing control point back when the wall was up, tells the story of the wall through display of boards.


The Reichstag is the home of the German parliament. Originally opened back in 1894, it was rebuilt after the war. Its history gives it a twist in its architecture as the original structure draws a sharp contrast from the all glass dome added after the rebuilding exercise. Visitors looking for ideas on what to do in Berlin can visit this impressive building and gain entrance for free. Ascending up the spiral staircase to the glass dome give you a great opportunity to take in a panoramic view of the city, which is simply breathtaking.

Grunewald Forest

Berlin is a busy city; tourists looking to escape the hassle and bustle of this urban centre can do so by visiting the Grunewald forest. For those compiling ideas on what to do in Berlin, and, in this case, the Grunewald forest, you can include cycling, picnicking and even taking a dip in the lakes within the forest, if the weather permits.  Additionally, visitors can hike up the man-made hill in the forest and take in city views. The Teufelsberg hill, as it is referred to, was made from rubble collected together by the allies from the city after World War II.

Shopping in Berlin

Berlin is a great place to get some much-needed therapy from shopping. The city is home to high-end stores, as well as some stores where you can pay for purchases depending on weight. Additionally, visitors can find recognised stores dealing in second-hand wares as well. If you are wondering what to do in Berlin, why not visit the largest department store in Europe, KaDeWe and immerse yourself in an exciting shopping experience.