What Is Bonded Leather Means

Bonded Leather or Reconstituted Leather and Blended Leather are the same terms. Bonded Leather means the leather which is formed by man.  It includes all leather that is blended and then covered with the layer of artificial materials, and papers, or a layer of hides that protect the outer surface. Polyurethane and pulp that is made from the shredded leather is bonded on the leather with the help of machines.

Bonded Leather

Similarly Bicast Leather and Coated leather are the different types of leather that can be made by similar methods. You can check the quality of such types of leather by observing its quality and you can also provide this leather to expert for checking it uniqueness. Bicast Leather and Coated leather is made by grinding the leather to reduce its thickness and to laminate it.


Major usage of bonded or blended leather is in the furniture industry. It has also many applications in the car industry. It used to make the bags, jackets, shoes and other silky soft products. Fashion industry is based upon the production of bonded leather because in the manufacturing of purses it is use. In Art industry it is use in the chairs, bells, art books, books cover and sofas.

What is Bonded Leather mean is that it can make with binding the natural leather. So it is lower quality of leather. Book accessories are also made by the bonded leather. It is used in the wood protection.


The quality of leather depends upon the price of leather which they are selling. In some industry it sells in high prices and this type of leather is also high quality such as in cars industries. The waste material that comes from the manufacturing of genuine in bonded under the high pressure and temperature to make it surface less thick.

Similarly when its thickness reduced then it is coated with the layer of different types of chemicals. These chemicals have worst smell which vanishes as time passes. You can’t place the sofa that is made up of bonded leather near the windows or there is sun light because it can cause the burning and fading its color.

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