What are the multiple uses of a timber roof truss?

People use number of materials in the making of a house. There are various materials used for making the roof and its supports at different ends. Those who love to have a classic look for their roof love to go for the timber roof truss. Basically it is a framework created with the help of timbers that are formed to bridge the space. It is mainly used for providing the support to the overall roof and hence it is used at regular intervals.

luxury living room of a traditional style decoration villa

luxury living room of a traditional style decoration villa

  • There are also longitudinal woods arranged to support in a way so that the whole frame does not collapse easily. There are different gaps left between the trusses which are popularly known as bay.
  • It has been used for a number of years but mainly used during the medieval period. In the past the roofs used to be supported by the rafter pairs which were not much successful and hence a number of incidents of the collapsing of the roof were registered.
  • To avoid such incidents, the timber roof truss use was started by the makers. There are various parts of the timber roof truss and the main area is known as the top chord. It is fitted on the top side and hence known as top chord while the trusses which are applied on lower side are known as the bottom chord. There are also many trusses applied in the middle areas which are known as web.
  • In the past the top chord was also known as the rafters while the bottom chord was much famous as tie beams.

Types of timber roof truss:

Primarily there are two types of timber roof truss which are known as open truss and closed truss. The open truss has the bottom chord fitted horizontally that offers limited space and set at the bottom, while in the open truss there is more space and hence it is also known as the raised bottom truss chord. Overall the open truss has a tie beam which offers a better ceiling area and hence the ceiling area is visible while the closed truss has a beam and the overall framing cannot be seen easily.

  1. The king post truss: It is a type where the pressure is equally distributed, and has better joints between the beams and rafters. It has two rafters one of which is known as the tie beam while another is in centre and it is a vertical king post. This type of truss is the simplest and more used as a joint with two angled truss. In the king bolt truss which is a sub-type of this truss a bolt is fitted which is made of wrought iron to provide more strength to the joint.
  1. The queen post truss: It also has two main rafters and two vertical posts known as queen posts. The queen post truss can have the rods and hence it is known as queen rod truss. In this type the longest rafter has spliced joints that prove much useful. There is also a type where the king trusses and queen truss is jointly used by a straining beam. They are also known as compound truss.

timber roof truss1

There is also Liegender truss which was originated in Germany and later used in the USA. It was popularly used in 18-19 century. In this type the top chords are leaned as a support like a chair to the truss.

timber roof truss2

There are also a few of other types of timber roof truss used in the industry. As per the changes in the technology there are Arch based and Scissor type truss which are also used by the timber roof truss makers. So, go for the best Timber Roof Truss today, which can be in your economical range of quality too.