Walk in Style in Stilettos

The stiletto shoes provide many options to women. The stiletto has a rich history and is available in different styles. Women can select among stiletto sandals, boots, pumps and the platform shoes. The right shoe selected must also fit you properly. We shall discuss about history of this shoe, their classification, outline various tips to assist in choosing right shoe.

Types of Stilettos

Women looking for stilettos should first decide the type of shoes that they are looking for. The choices available are boots, sandals, pumps and platform shoes that can be bought using Jabong coupon code. These have been discussed in detail in sections below.

Types of Stilettos

Stiletto Boots

Stiletto boots are ideally suited for winter and fall attire. Stiletto boots are normally grouped in three categories ankle, knee and thigh. Ankle high boots are the best option for the fall weather. These are cut just below ankle to about 4 inches above ankle. Knee high boots are suitable for winter or fall weather. These are just above calf to the knee level. Thigh high boots are popular in winters as these are able to keep legs warm during winter and are available in patent and leather. All the three categories are available in low and high heels and also in different fabrics and you can buy them using Myntra coupons.

Stiletto Boots


Stiletto Sandals

These sexy shoes highlight even a simple outfit or a dress. The heels of these shoes range from 1.75 to 4 inches. These can be had in many colors, sizes and fabrics. These can also have ankle straps, t-straps and heel straps.

Stiletto Sandals

Stiletto Pumps

These are quite popular with lades of all races, ages and profession. Length of the heel varies from 1.75 inches to 4 inches. Some women like to wear with business suits and others prefer to wear these with black dress. They enhance the wardrobe of women across the world being available in large number of colors, sizes and fabric.

 Stiletto Pumps1Stiletto Platform Shoes

These shoes have thick sole of cork, rubber or plastic and combine stiletto heel with platform shoe. In platform stilettos, bulk is added to front of the shoe by thick platform sole and rear is supported by narrow and long heel. Length of this type of stiletto varies from 4 inches to 10 inches. Get the best deals on footwear at www.savemypocket.in.

Stiletto Platform Shoes


Stretching out of shoe sufficiently is needed for making this more comfortable. Few tips to make wearing of stiletto shoe comfortable are mentioned below.

Prevent Injury

Women are always cautioned against wearing of stilettos high heels because these may cause damage to feet. The risk can be reduced by ensuring that the shoes fit properly. Those who have to stand for longer period should select shorter heels.

Walk it out

The best way to break in heels is to walk in them barefoot or wearing thin socks. Socks will prevent blisters in new shoes. Proper way of breaking in of the shoe is to keep wearing them.

Stretch it out

Leather stretches with time and if they snug a little when new, you should not get worried unduly.