Trending Prints and Patterns for Winter Leggings

Want to know about the latest prints and patterns for leggings? Then read this article thoroughly.

Finally, winter has arrived, and I’m sure all the ladies are geared to shop for clothes that are going to make them look ravishing this season. Generally, most women tend to purchase loads of bottom wear throughout this season, especially denim pants to keep their legs warm. But this winter, instead of purchasing just jeans and other trousers, why don’t you opt for a few pairs of leggings.

You may wonder, why I am asking you to go for leggings instead of denim pants or trousers. Well, it’s because these bottom wears are chic, extremely comfortable and if you buy the right material it can keep you warm for longer. Usually, most of the women purchase solid colored leggings either because they want to keep it simple, or they are afraid to try out prints and patterns. But, when there are some stunning patterns and prints doing rounds what’s there to be afraid of? This year, several crazy, funky, cool and chic patterns and prints have come to my notice during my visit to several fashion shows in Milan, Paris and of course, New York.

So, through this blog, I am sharing a few trending prints and patterns of leggings, which you will surely fall in love with. Take a look.

Aztec prints

These funky prints have been around for a while with the ‘boho’ trends, but still, these cool prints are fresh to eyes. And the best part is that now you can find plenty of Aztec printed leggings online or in many shopping malls. Pair these leggings with your dull top and give a refreshing touch to your day look.

Houndstooth Patterns

These patterns are also quite famous. In fact, the majority attires of the Miu Miu collection that were presented at Paris Fashion Week had houndstooth patterns. These patterned leggings are also easily available in many online shopping sites and malls. There’s just one tiny tip I want to give you, team them up with a solid, dark colored top only, depending on the colors used to create these patterns. For instance, if it’s black and white, choose the darker shade, black.

Kid Scribble Prints

If you want to don leggings with abstract and quirky prints, then pick the ones having kid scribble prints. These prints are not just quirky but are quite artistic too. There are many women who will never pick leggings having these prints, but trust me, these prints are indeed trending and are quite totally funky. That’ why, a reputed fashion house like Dolce & Gabbana uses these patterns on loads of outfits.

Cell patterns

Want to look uber cool? Then one pattern I can suggest you is the cell pattern. Cell patterned leggings are in fashion, so you can easily find them in the market. Main colors that were used before to create cell patterns are red and black. But these days, many other colors are also used to create these patterns, such as maroon and white, black and white and even maroon and green.

These were the four trending prints and patterns of leggings, which are easily available online or in various shopping malls. However, if you find it difficult to find any of these prints, you can contact a reputed dealer of wholesale leggings; they’ll surely have the “trending prints”.