How Technology is changing the face of Indian Festivals

I am sure that like every other brother, you might be looking for someone to tie a rakhi on your wrist because that Rakhi is considered to be symbolism of the love and affection that every sister hold for their brothers. In a life where major portion of it is filled with work, people have reduced the festival of Rakshabandhan to a mere holiday. However, I am sure that there are many who still eagerly wait for their sisters to send them rakhi from far off land. And for those who don’t have sisters, look forward to this festival expecting their rakhis to come from their distant cousin.

Raksha Bandhan Festivals

We might consider ourselves modern but we are still traditional at heart. We still firmly believe that a sacred thread can protect our brother from evil and the fact that our brother will fight for us. And we do offer our sincere prayers before tying rakhi on the wrist to ensure our brother’s long life and well-being. Sisters can send rakhi to Pune or any other destination with a click of the mouse.

There was a time when markets were filled with sweets, gifts and vibrant rakhi threads. And despite the unmanageable crowd, sisters used to still scout hard to get the best rakhi for their brother. Not just that they bargain prices too till the time the price reaches to the level they would like to buy. But things have changed over the years.

We live in a world where we hardly get the time to breathe as major portion of our lives have been acquired by our work. What makes us farther from each other is the geographical boundaries making it impossible for siblings to celebrate Rakshabandhan together. However, with the advancement of the technology, it has become easier for siblings to get rakhi delivery in Pune when they themselves are sitting in Bangalore. Technology is what keeps them connected even when they are miles away from each other.

People don’t have to put in any effort, all they need to do is place the order at the luxury of their homes. Seeing which, I guess it will not be wise to say that the love between siblings have reduced. All that they are trying to do is, stay in touch irrespective of their busy schedules. Technology has also allowed customers to place orders to international destinations too, thereby, bridging the gap to bare minimum.