Stair runners can make a huge difference in the interior space

Ever since the prehistoric age, humans have been using all of the natural resources including the minerals and the greenery to fulfill their basic requirements and thereby to save themselves from the different hazards of the atmosphere and environment. Whether it is building houses or weaving yarn into fabric for clothing, the latest fashion trend reveals the new designs which are the outcome of the innovative thoughts implemented by the fashion designers of the time. Similarly in the process of carpet making which started in Persia or the present day Iran, in the ancient past by sheep herders, have gone through several changes. Carpet weavers always have been creative and often designed carpets to depict important events from the different periods. In the contemporary period, carpet weavers are drawing their inspiration from the green revolution and now weaving their carpets with the natural fibers like sisal, sea grass, jute and coir.


The affordability and benefits of the natural rugs or carpets have led the modern carpet makers to produce more to fulfill the needs of the ever increasing number of consumers. Though, there are reputed carpet makers across the world using natural fibers for weaving the carpets or stair runners. Floorspace stair runners have been popular not only in Melbourne, Australia where they are based; its demand is spread across different areas of the continent.  You can also order their stair runners in a customized form. Anyone buying the product from the Floorspace online store or their showroom will have received free customer service and a cleaning kit free of cost. Usually stair runners are used for concealing the steps in staircases by sticking them to the stairs with glue or they are secured with nails or screws.  Unlike regular carpets and rugs, stair runners are narrow and long. Apart from being the object of attraction to users or guests, stair runners are an excellent precautionary measure against falling down the steps.   Even if the person misses a step while coming down the stair runners installed on the staircase, then he or she would not be injured.

Installing stair runners would definitely help you earn other advantages which are highlighted as follows:

  1. Made from any natural fiber like coir, sisal, sea grass and jute, stair runners are a great investment for the owner because of its long lasting efficiency because it is not prone to wear and tear.
  2. It is a biodegradable material which indicates a capacity of being maintaining its usefulness even after the decomposition by biological agents.
  3. The Floorspace range of stair runners is offered at very affordable prices which makes them available to most customers. They are very comfortable and safe to walk on and are considered as a worthy investment.
  4. It provides a safe surface for people who usually walk around barefooted during summer.
  5. It works as insulator as it absorbs the sound and cold or heat conditions of the room. Therefore, it is ideally suited for a public hall with a staircase where the people usually crowd for different types of events.
  6. Customer feedback about the shortcomings of synthetic carpets has not been favorable in terms of daily use. Users can easily become infected with allergic substances attracted to or deposited on the surface of synthetic carpets. Thankfully, you can freely use stair runners made from the natural fibers like coir, sisal, seagrass and jute, etc without getting affected by any kind of allergens.
  7. It is advisable to make sure your stair runners do not come in contact with any type of moisture.  Otherwise, there is a chance of shrinking and causing damage to the body of the stair runner. For more about Floorspace stair runners please visit their website.