Samsung Galaxy S7 possibly overcome the iPhone 7


Samsung and Apple fight or war is not new when it comes to the smartphones and smart devices, however both companies are parallel working professionally for example in the coming iPhone, Samsung would be creating processors but in the war zone i.e. market both companies are against each other and next year too, we would see same like when Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 would be available to the market.

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Well, this year Samsung approach to redesign the Galaxy S6 seems to be good, people are already comparing it to Apple iPhone 6 but Samsung had not only done the good at hardware but also the software, now the interface faster and smoother, there is an abundance of unnecessary features and added the necessary, in particular themes (you can download them from the catalog and completely change the appearance of the shell). Thanks to them, you can completely change the interface up to the design of icons within the application (for example, to remove the famous image of the subscriber in the form of double-crested male). In some places (for example, a new gallery) interface is now similar to Apple, that plus S6. Also replaced the sounds, no more annoying “gurgling”. In general, a lot of work on the bugs, from the pre – the bare minimum, this software from Microsoft (OneDrive (10 GB free), OneNote and Skype), as well as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Yet there is a utility Smart Manager to monitor memory and battery, but that’s all. And it completes your network apps and who knows if Samsung will launch some another app with the Samsung Galaxy S7 release date.

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In our thinking, Samsung Galaxy S6 is a bold step forward, which is Samsung’s waited a long time. The company broke its own rules, refusing to practicality in favor of the design. As a result, we have lost an expansion slot, and a removable battery, and along with moisture protection. Housing became more glamorous (and more expensive to repair), that not everyone will like. But the direction is right, because the changes were needed. S6 looks expensive, comfortable in the hand, critics finally not curse Koreans for looks, but pre-orders hit record. Like interface and smooth, almost no lag. Traditionally, the highest levels of performance especially screen. But the work we would like more. But this is not important – it is clear that the era of the old Samsung over, just ahead of the new approach with its ins and outs, and therefore, the time to vote (or not vote) rubles. And finally, Samsung won the hearts again and similar to be done by the Samsung Galaxy S7 in the 2016.

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