Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – The Special of Samsung



The pre orders of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are started and it is computed to be 5 times better than the Samsung Galaxy S5 last year. Well you can judge the growth rate and improvement that Samsung got in a year and now same miracle could happen with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in later 2015.

The previous flagship in the Galaxy Note series the Galaxy Note 4 was enough powerful and interesting, but now Samsung needs more improvements in the design and configuration. If you remember, a curious feature that incorporates the most powerful phones from Samsung is the video playback window, which reduces the size of the video to a window that is displayed above the interface of the Galaxy Note 4. This allows you to continue using the rest of the phone and thus, you can reply to a WhatsApp, send a message, or any other activity while watching the video. And it would also be the part of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features catalog.

Moreover, in the camera configuration of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 we discover no miracles as Samsung has incorporated a camera with a 16 MP sensor, which unlike the Galaxy S5 not manufactured by Samsung but comes from Sony and lacks focus by phase detection. The purpose of the main sensor has an opening f /2.2 (same as the Galaxy S5) and provides optical stabilization, which favors low light performance. The Galaxy Note 4 flash has a unique tone with a single LED, which normally does not produce as good results as dual LED flashes carrying other phones like the HTC One M8 or iPhone 6. Samsung continues to incorporate various shooting modes – Auto, Self-timer Rear Camera, Selective Focus, Beauty Face, shooting and more, Panoramic, Virtual Tour, Dual Camera – but has reduced the number of modes over previous models. Now if you’re a fan of the modes, you should not worry: Samsung help download new shooting modes from your store as Animated Photo, Surround shot, shot Sports, Sound & shot, Sequence shot and Food shot. In the autofoto way back camera detects and focuses your face automatically when making a selfie. The focus mode selective captures several images with different approaches to adjust what part of the image should be focused. To do this, once you’ve taken the photo, we can choose between close focus, distant focus or pan focus. The latter approach combines catches taken so that all parts of the image, near and far, are completely focused. Although the idea of selective focus sounds interesting, in my opinion presents some problems. First, the camera takes much longer to capture a photo, as it is possibly taking several shots with different approaches. Secondly, this mode requires that the subject is less than 50 cm and not always work: sometimes we get a message saying unable to apply the effect that “the subject has not been detected”. And these small flaws would not be part of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

This was all about the beginning of rumours regarding the next Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date.