When in Philippines: Ride a Hot-Air Balloon in Pampanga


True they say that it is a different world up there. Do you want to experience how it feels like flying? Well, a hot-air balloon ride is the oldest flying technology. A balloon can carry up to 10 people at the same time, depending on its size, design and construction. Perhaps, you never thought that it is possible to ride a hot-air balloon while in the Philippines, but it is. Every year, a hot-air balloon festival takes place in Clark, Pampanga which offers an opportunity to ride a balloon.

Why ride a hot-air balloon?

There are many benefits to riding a balloon. Primarily, it is an immersive experience. Of course, you won’t arrive at the location just to hop inside the basket, will you? A ride is worth $300 or so, so might as well involve yourself in the entire experience. For instance, you may participate in inflating and deflating the balloon. The crew will surely appreciate the gesture. Blowing the balloon is no easy feat. The same goes with sending it skywards.

Specifically, you may help in unfolding the hot-air balloon until you can see its full form while on the ground. Balloons are usually big and heavy. It needs about 2 to 3 persons to unfold it. You can be one of them. Also, you may hold the balloon while it is being inflated. Afterwards, when it is time to deflate the balloon, you may participate in getting the excess air out of the balloon by rolling on the top of it otherwise it will not fold neatly.

Evidently, the activities before and after the actual ride itself are a form of exercise. Did you know that you can lose up to 400 calories just by doing all these? Not to mention, the activities can make the entire ride a holistic experience. You yourself will appreciate what the pilot and crew had to go through before they get to see the amazing skyline. In fact, one author describes the process as the God’s eye glimpse of the earth from the sky.

The health benefits don’t stop there because you will realize more benefits once you are up in the sky. That’s because of the quality of the air you breathe while up there. For those who have already ridden a hot-air balloon, did you notice that you are much happier throughout the ride? Our body secretes more happy hormones (serotonin) the more we inhale clean air.

During the hot-air balloon festival in Pampanga, the organizer sees to it that this event will not be purely a spectators’ event by offering hot-air balloon rides. Nonetheless, a limited number of slots are offered and tickets must be purchased in advance. The first hot-air balloon is expected to be lifted off around 6am. So, make sure that you are at the designated location 2 hours before the lift-off. This is a once in a lifetime experience that not only endows you with the amazing view of the place, but also gives your body the push it needs.