Never judge a man by his wallet bulge

With plastic money being the most conversant money exchange these days, the need for wallets that can hold wads of currency bill is long gone. Sleek design is the in thing now and we see it in all products around these days. Be it the mobiles which we carry and has become part of us. Be it the cars or bikes that are seen zooming about. They all have a sleek design and that is something which draws our attention. A bulky product is termed obese or fat today and is shunned i9mmediately.

The sleek design in wallet

Given these two important factors that is governing fashion including attires of the day, the Bellory slim sleeve is a wallet that complies with this present day fashion rules and regulations.  An onlooker would not be able to make out the wallet being carried on the person, for it sits smug in the pocket. Shape and size both have been well thought of while designing and fabricating the wallet.

The leather factor

Another important and worth mentioning aspect of the Bellory slim sleeve range of wallet is the material from which it has been fabricated. Cow hide that has a natural tan and which has been retained in the entire making process has been used in the manufacturing process. This gives a different and distinct look to the finished product. Also the stitching material and manner used for completing the wallet adds to the elegance of the product. No compromise been effected in all these issues. That does not mean the finished product is charged in such a manner as to burn a whole in the pocket. After all the item is something that requires to be residing in the pocket. A hole in the pocket means the wallet would slip down, out and away.

Usage of the wallet

It is not a product of only show and no use. The pockets and spaces also have been equally well thought of and enough slots made to hold currency (the essential amount) and cards.  Money, it is well known has changed form into plastic cards. Credit and debit cards are not one that a person needs to carry in the wallet. Every person has different accounts and each a card of its own. The wallet makes ample provision for carrying these cards together and safe.