Mumbai – On A Boulevard Of Bright Skylines All Through The Night

Mumbai, the city which is the reason for many sleepless nights for many people dreaming of making it into the big city one day. All the hype behind this magnificent city is rightly apt and it delivers and lives up to anyone’s expectations. This article gives the gist on what you should expect on your trip to this much talked about city.


So much have been spoken about this city that any word used to describe it is cliched. Mumbai, the centre of attention for all the mass is considered as the ‘elder brother’ among states and people in small towns dream of going to this ‘big city’. A city which sees a massive population of people from all over India making the the most metro cosmopolitan city. Home to the Indian film industry ‘Bollywood’, the city also sees many aspirants trying hard and struggling by going to any auditions that come their way and live in rooms just enough to say that they have a roof over their head.

Mumbai is also a city with many rags to riches stories and the rich here are ‘Mumbai rich’. Some of the rich people living in Mumbai are not only the richest in India but rank among the top 10 in the whole world. The rich loves to party and the hotels in Mumbai are very familiar with the private parties scene the rich people love to throw here. While most of the A-list celebrities from Bollywood like partying in these private 5 star hotel parties, some of them go out and hit random nightclubs which is one reason you should keep your eyes open wide at a nightclub, if you want a catch glimpse of them or party together even, if you are lucky.

Mumbai is largely about flamboyant lifestyles and a fast paced life. Nothing is laid back in this city. People follow the latest trends, the streets are lively day or night and you could go out to the streets at 3 or 4 am in the morning and still find people selling chai. By 4 am the eatery stalls are open where you could get to eat your fill incase you are hungry. The day gets more exciting by nightfall as the streets start lighting up and the stalls starts coming up and you get ready to plan your night.

Mumbai is the commercial centre of India and people regardless of East, West, North or South are settled here. Although Marathi is the local language of Mumbai, Hindi is spoken for common use. English is also understood fairly well by the larger mass. Moving around the city should not pose a problem as local modes of transport are available in plenty in every part of the city. There are many old and almost ancient ‘dhabas’ and eatery outlets in Mumbai which is really worth checking out and eating in. It will give you the real taste and feel of ‘Bombay’.

Mumbai has one of the busiest airports in India catering to both domestic and international flights like Air India, IndiGo, Air Asia, Qatar, Emirates, British airways, Go Air, Jet Konnect airlines etc. The trains connect to every major cities in India and the buses and Volvos go on and forth every neighbouring cities on a daily basis.