Indian Bridal Wear: Designer Lehengas

Chandni Chowk is often touted as one of India’s most densely populated marketplaces. The history possessed by this market is an age old one spanning over three centuries.  From wholesalers to retailers selling lehengas, the shopkeepers here stock everything including drool-worthy footwear and vintage silver jewelry.


Some of the shops are jewels housing a treasure trove of exquisite patchwork and gotti patti work. Although there are many shops, before purchasing a lehenga, a customer should know the right shop from which to buy the perfect lehenga from amidst the maddening crowd and the hustle and bustle, loud sales pitches and narrow streets.

From where to buy the best bridal wear?

Sudhir Bhai Saree Waala, Chandni Chowk is a reputed shop located in the heart of Delhi. Within the narrow lanes of Chandi Chowk, onecan find the Sudhir Bhai Saree Waala Shop in Katra Ashrafi lane.  It is a well-known shop for bridal lehengas as well all garments of other varieties as well. The range is wide and affordable starting at INR 30000.

Traditional Bridal Designs

Lehengas, gowns, saris and suits are available in this shop.  The lehengas sold at the reputed stores at a starting price of INR 20000.  The assortment of wedding lehengas is vast in these shops. Designer inspired lehengas in this shop are available here in embroidery, prints and patterns of earthy colors such as dark orange, rust, crimson, gold, and marshal. The gold embroidery imbibed in these lehengas is exquisite even though they cost upto INR 100000. Designs of peach lehengas with heavy blue motif designs on them are an attractive subtle color combination, which suit any fair-skinned bride. Chandni chowk is considered to be the one-stop destination for bridal lehengas, sarees and salwar suits for the modern Indian shopper.

Traditional Indian Lehengas

A lehenga is a long floor length voluminous skirt, which when paired with corsets and cholis and completed with the dupatta looks ideal. This ensemble can be beautified with embellishments and beads, motifs and sequins, work and rich embroidery. Lehenga designs speak volumes with their sheer beauty, grace and grandeur.

The bride

Lovely fabrics such as chiffon, crepe, georgette and raw silk are used to create a wonderful design, which can render the adorner a goddess on her wedding day. Before picking on the wedding day, the bride wishes to look her best, and she deserves to do so as well as her wedding comes only once in a lifetime. Therefore, it is critical to pick out the right lehenga for the wedding. The right amount of research needs to be done before picking out the right lehenga.

Have a look at the Bridal magazines

Bridal magazines such as Wedding affair, South Asian Bride magazine and Asiana bride magazine provide all the necessary information pertaining to choose the ideal wedding dress for one’s wedding. Cholis and blouses are not only designed to wear with sarees contrary to popular belief. Lehengas are well suited to be coupled with cholis. Recent trends in fashion dictate tribal designed cholis, gold embellished cholis, backless chunky cholis, bohemian cholis, crocheted cholis and belly dancer cholis to be in vogue. A-line lehengas, Circular lehengas, straight cut lehengas and mermaid cut lehengas constitute the type of lehengas usually wornat weddings.