Hair Stylist to the Stars

When dealing with the red carpet or a movie set, both actors and actresses must look their best. One of the first things that people notice long before their makeup is their hair. It is the job of a celebrity hair stylist to create gorgeous hair. It can be bouncy curls that look unkempt or a sleep ponytail with a wisp of hair sweeping the side of the face. Whatever the style that is chosen, these hair-dos are tested and approved. These stylists don’t just walk through the doors and hope magic happens; they are prepared.


What Makes A Celebrity Hair Stylist Different?

Sure, anyone can go into 100 salons to get their hair done in just about any area. However, a celebrity stylist keeps up on current trends. When Jennifer Anniston first came out with her flirty haircut on the hit series “Friends,” every girl in American wanted that same cut. A stylist had to learn to cut that look quickly. What about the stylist that did Jen’s hair? You know that they were making sure her bold look was something that was spectacular. These people are artists of a different form. They don’t just have any brush and curling iron; it’s only the best for their clients.

A Celebrity Stylish Can Make Or Break An Image

It is a stressful job being a celebrity stylist because all eyes are on the client. If they have a hideous hair-do, the whole world will know who is responsible. However, hair stylists have the ability to make or break a career too. Remember Debra Messing and those lavish red locks from the hit show “Will and Grace?” Well, Debra’s hair isn’t red at all, she is a brunette. She was working on the famous movie “A Walk in the Clouds.” The hair stylist made a major blunder and died her hair too dark and it turned auburn red. While Messing was upset, everyone raved about it. The movie was a box-office sensation, and soon after she was rejecting work because she was so busy. Messing credits her career to the hairstylist. She could barely get any work with brown hair, but when it was fiery red she took on a whole new personality.

Celebrity Hair Stylists Have Arrived

To get into the celebrity styling world, there must be some representation from an accredited agency. It’s kind of like a modeling agency, but for Celebrity Hair Stylist, make-up artists, and photographers. The agents book the professional stylists on shoots and give a percentage. From there a celebrity stylist can get a steady work flow. If one particular actress loves the work, they often hire staff that accompanies them on their journeys. It’s an exciting world, but it is one that requires a mover and a shaker. Keeping up with the trends and demands of divas is not easy, but it is well worth the money.