Fun Things to do in Abu Dhabi

There are certainly a lot of reasons to enjoy the capital of United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi has the Desert Safari, Emirate Palace, Masdar City, Yas Marina and so much more. Check out these destinations to have the most exhilarating travel experiences in UAE:

Abu Dhabi Tourism and the Sands of Desert Safari

Abu Dhabi has a number of desert tours to drive you through its sands with 4WD vehicles. See the Arabian horizon as the sun shines on the sands. You can even ride on a camel and experience how it embarks on a long journey, as you feel its feet walk through the sand. Some 4WD tours would even have exhibitions as its heavy-duty engines frolic throughout the desert. This should not be missed out on in listing your Abu Dhabi tourism itinerary.

Fun Things to do in Abu Dhabi

The Luxurious Emirates Palace Hotel

After a thrilling desert safari, you can already freshen up and unwind at Abu Dhabi’s top palace and hotel which overlooks the shores of the Arabian Gulf. This WiFi powered complex has over a dozen restaurants, cafés and other food shops.

If you really have gotten a bit tired from the desert safari, you can even have a massage in the Emirate Palace Hotel. There is no need to wonder about what to do in Abu Dhabi if you are surrounded with wondrous sits and the most relaxing outlets you can try.

Exploring Masdar City as Part of Things to do in Abu Dhabi

If you are wondering about what to do in Abu Dhabi, a Masdar City visit should be on top of your list. This Walled City is a unique destination among tourists, as Western styles have been combined and adapted within the Arabian setting. Just think of sophisticated and modern design at its best, with the sands surrounding this city.

Inside the city, you will see buildings with beige, terracotta walls. For ventilation, Arabic and flower patterned etchings serve as tiny holes, which allow for air passage in the complex. Many would say this is quite an ambitious site, but its contractors, designers and engineers have turned the district’s vision into a reality.

The Racing and Yacht Culture in Yas Marina

The Yas Marina Circuit is another luxurious destination, which tourists have to see. It is filled with exciting activities such as Drag Racing and Taxi Drifting. Formula 1 car fans will certainly have a treat in visiting this spot, and as they step outside, yachts are lined up to greet them. They can either take on a tour or simply have a cruise ship party at the circuit’s harbour.

This should be one of the highlights in Abu Dhabi Tourism, and it is even perfect for spending the evening. The complex lights up in different colours and firework displays takes place especially during festive seasons.

The Desert Safari, Emirate Palace, Masdar City and Yas Marina are just few of the things to do in Abu Dhabi.