Four Popular Tourist Attractions of Bangalore That You Simply Should Not Miss

Bangalore the centre of high-tech industries in south India is the capital of Karnataka state. It is the main base of education, business, finance, administration, and tourism and most noted for a sprawling Information Technology industry. Also fondly called the Garden city of India it boasts of a very well-planned city layout where green spaces are as significant as the concrete structures. It is one of the most vibrant cities in the country recognized by numerous epithets, the popular ones being, Pub Capital of India, Air Conditioned City, Silicon Valley of India, and Pensioner’s Paradise. At present, it is one of the cities that best exhibit a harmonious blend between old and new. Mother Nature has always been grateful to the city and the climate remains temperate all-round the year. Today, it is also a popular destination amongst the backpackers in India. The old and new man-made marvels along with a rich cultural heritage and bewitching nature have earned the city a top spot in the list of best places to visit in India.

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Here is a list of significant points of interest and tourist attractions in Bangalore that are worth checking out:

Innovative Film City Bangalore – Covering about 50 acres of land the Innovative Film City Bangalore is one of the most popular leisure and entertainment options in the city. It is well equipped with world-class facilities and houses about 27 different facilities that appeal to the kids as well as the adults alike. The major attractions of the theme park are Wannado City, Wax Museum, Dinosaur World, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, Miniature City, Haunted Mansion, Cartoon City, and Wild Wild West.

Bull Temple – Also called Nandi Temple, it is a Hindu temple dedicated to the Nandi, the bull, the ride of Lord Shiva. Religious put the temple high on reverence and is mostly visited by Shivates. The location of the temple is on Bungle Hill and is easily accessible from the city. A distinguishing character of temple is that the 4.6 meters tall and 6 meter long sculpture of the Bull is carved out of one single granite rock.

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens – It is one of the star tourist attractions of the city. It is a large nursery of a large and varied collection of flowers of different kinds. Developed along the line of Mughal Gardens in Delhi, the park was founded by Hyder Ali in 1760 and was completed by Tipu Sultan who named it as Lalbagh based on the profusion of red roses. It is a must-visit for the nature enthusiasts. Apart from the flowers it has a large rock, which is believed to be 3000 million years old.

Bangalore Palace – It is one of the most iconic historic monuments in India. It resembles the Windsor Castle of England and features Tudor and Scottish Gothic style of architecture. It is a large structure spreading over rambling 430 acres of land. It consists of granite turrets, battlements, towers, arches, and intricate carvings in the interiors.

Amongst the other prominent attractions include: Tipu Sultan’s Palace and Fort, Cubbon Park, Attara Kacheri, Vidana Soudha, Ulsoor Lake, Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Gandhi Bhavan, Mayo Hall, Government Museum etc. Simply visit the city to explore all the prominent as well as hidden attractions. Bangalore is well-connected to rest of India via railway lines, roadways, and air routes. Get your Delhi to Bangalore flight tickets and Bangalore to Delhi air tickets in advance and get going to the city for a fun vacation.