Cutting Glass Can Be Easy Now With Waterjet Mechanism


Glass is a thin and delicate material. It requires extreme care in handling because the fragility of the item can make it break anytime. Cutting glass is not easy, and you need to choose the most effective and reliable method. You do not want to create any damage on the base and you want the result to be smooth and perfect. Therefore, you should make use of the best technique. Well, there are several machines available that can help complete the process easily and promptly. However, some of these machines are difficult to operate, and you might not achieve perfection in the same.

Getting The Ideal Solution:

While looking for a perfect solution of how you cut glass, you will come across several techniques. However, waterjet technique is undoubtedly the best. Unless, you try out the procedure, you will not realize how smooth and effective the entire procedure. Yes, it is true that waterjet is mainly associated with cutting and fabrication of metals. However, apart from metals, it can be used for cutting other materials including glass. Without any additional tool or changes in setup, it can cut delicate glass with the help of high water pressure and velocity. In fact, waterjet machines can cut the strongest and bullet resistant glass with thickness as much as 4 inches.

Cutting In Any Shape:

The mechanism of waterjet has a fine cutting stream. As a result, it helps in cutting glass almost in any shape regardless of how intricate or fine the glass is. The cutting process does not involve the application of any force. This is different from the traditional process of glass cutting like spinning router, where load is applied to the surface. Waterjet operates with low pressure piercing and the entire process is completed within a short time.

Brittle Nature Of Glass:

The brittle nature of the glass makes the process quite similar to cutting stones or tiles. It has a tendency to crack due to which the initial piercing is started from a low pressure and is gradually increased to higher pressures for advanced speeds in cutting. Moreover, in order to keep the material from destroying, the pump adjusts and resumes pressure automatically. Often, an abrasion is often used to reduce the possibility of chipping, cracking or causing any blemishes in the surface. The best part is the cleaner, smoother and efficient cuts achieved from this process without the need of any heat or chemical.

No Need Of Secondary Finishing:

It is because of the smoothness and efficiency in cutting that there is hardly any need for secondary finishing. As a result, it helps save lots of time and reduces the overall cost of operation. Semyx specializes in offering the best waterjet machines that can be used to cut glass precisely. Therefore, if you are interested in using the same mechanism, it is time to take a look at the features and place your order. You will not only get satisfaction with the performance and results, but also end up saving money.