Bhiwadi – A Fun And Interesting Getaway In The Western State Of Rajasthan

Bhiwadi is a fast developing industrial city of Rajasthan. It is basically known for housing numerous small and medium scale industries that today have transformed the once small village into a major commerce city. The place is also often picked as a holiday destination, particularly by the locals of nearby cities like Delhi and Gurgaon. Head to the place to explore and relish the different aspects of the place and pick from the best hotels in Bhiwadi.

Bhiwadi is a rapidly developing city of Alwar district in Rajasthan. It is an industrial town best known for playing host to a number of large industries including Hero Honda, Pepsi, Bausch & Lomb, Mahindra, and Gillette. It is a part of National Capital Region, which is an agglomerated area including nation’s capital Delhi and its neighboring regions. The city is just 65 k.m. away from Delhi and 200 k.m. from Jaipur. Being situated close to the national capital and many other major cities of central India, the place serves as a popular weekend getaway destination. It is an urban sprawl, well equipped with all aspects of modernization.

The place is set on the border separating Mewat District and Alwar District and is a neighbour of Dharuhera town. Bhiwadi along with Dharuhera forms a one large urban sprawl and it literally feels like both the towns are one single entity. There is no railway station within the radius of 20 k.m. The nearest railway station is about 26 k.m. away from the city. It is the Rewari Junction and located to the south of the city. For those who opt the flight options, the best mode to reach the city is to board on a flight to the airports in Delhi and catch the intra-state buses. You can also hire a taxi, they are easily available.

Today, Bhiwadi is a complete industrial city home to several small-scale and medium-scale industries. The prime industries here are: steel, electronics, furnace, cables, and printing. The influx of industries has brought a sudden improvement in the infrastructure. Today, there is everything related to modernization available in the city. Due to the presence of large number of shopping options, multiplexes, restaurants, and several other recreational centres the place is today a popular tourist haunt. Besides, it is also sufficiently filled with different types of hotels in Bhiwadi that make your stay in the city will be a memorable experience.

Tourists generally prefer Bhiwadi for a two to three day long trip and then head to the destinations nearby. However, there are a couple of interesting attractions in the city as well. To name the most prominent ones: Vijay Mandir Palace, Jaisamand Lake, Siliserh Lake, Temple of SitaRam ji, and Siliserh Palace. The Vijay Mandir Palace is a beautiful monument with great historic significance. It was built by Maharaja Jai Singh, one of the famed rulers of India, and has 105 lavish rooms featuring a lake and a garden.

After a short tour of the place, the destinations nearby the city that tourists often visit include: Ajmer, a historic city home to numerous grand and archaeologically significant old monuments and ruins; Agra, one of the most popular tourist destinations in India and home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Taj Mahal; New Delhi, the nation’s capital and hub of entertainment, education, tourism, culture, art, etc., and Mathura, a highly revered city dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Simply head to Bhiwadi for a fun and memorable holiday. Filled with stunning attractions and allures, the place is a perfect destination to visit in the next vacation.