Best celebrity haircuts

At modern day, celebrities change their hair styles as often as it was for clothes -It has practically become a job requirement. Celebrities however don’t just go for any haircut, their looks have to be unique and to get that they have to play their game at the fringes of what is obvious. Most people get inspiration of their next haircut from celebrities, giving celebrity stylist sleepless nights thinking of the next haircut that is going to rock the world. As is custom, trends surface when a celebrity goes out of the norm, by either repeating an ancient trend or by creating one. Some of the best celebrity haircuts today do more than just withstand the glare of the spotlight, they shine, dazzle, gleam… they inspire.


The piecey bobs
The new piecey bobs are one such cut that gives you a cool look without trying. It gives you a sophisticated yet sexy look at any age. It is a below-the-chin, above-the-shoulders cut with long choppy layers. Its length is what makes it stand out – it’s meant to lie right at the sloping curve of your neck. This allows your hair to fall loosely with minimal styling. They are technically a face framing layers, but swept over the forehead, they give the illusion of bangs. The bobs works best with straight or slightly wavy hair.

Eye-skimming bangs
Bangs are the easiest way to reinvent your hair and celebrities know that. The eye-skimming bangs are today’s most elegant and seductive hair cut. It fringes your eyes and still blends with the rest of your hair. Different celebrities try different forms of this haircut including the side swept eye-skimming bangs, the straight across, and the extra long. Regardless of the choice, the bangs retain a form of elegancy most desire. It is definitely the best celebrity haircuts given the likes of Tyler Swift.

Asymmetrical pixie
This 80s-inspired cut is definitely rebellious but super feminine. Mostly considered a boys haircut, it gives any girl a stunning and confident look – thanks to Miley Cyrus. The cut gives a fresh and trendy look not mentioning that it goes with any shape of the face. Asymmetrical pixie goes well with both straight and curly hair but it looks best in curly hair. There are more than 20 including cute short pixie asymmetrical haircut, blondie funky short curly etc.
David Beckham short straight formal hairstyle.
This haircut is specifically for men. It is inspired by David Beckham and gives a smooth formal hairdo. The sides and back are cut short and close to the head while the top is left long enough to be swept back. Products may be needed for a slick finish and to maintain the shine. The haircut goes with any age.